Aviva group is the world’s fifth largest insurance provider, with over 31 million customers in 16 countries, and is the largest insurance service provider in the UK. It is also Europe’s leading provider of life and pension products. The current group was formed by the merger of Norwich Union and CGU in 2002, with the latter being the result of a merger in 1998 between Commercial Union and General Accident. On October 20th 2009, the group’s shares began trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

In view of its size and position, Aviva offers an extensive range of insurance products. These include motor insurance for cars, vans and motorbikes, with driveway cover and short term policies available. You can also get life insurance, home and contents cover, private health, travel, personal accident and business insurance as well as home emergency cover and protection against identity theft.

Aviva offer a maximum of 60% No Claims Bonus for drivers with five years or more NCB. Aviva allow you to protect your no claims bonus for the life of your policy no matter how many claims tyou need to make. There are a couple of factors that must be met to be eligible for lifetime protected no claims bonus:

  • Comprehensive car insurance with at least five years no claim discount
  • No ‘at fault’ claims in the last three years
  • Policyholder and all additional drivers must be aged 21 or over
  • Have a minimum excess of £250 on your car insurance policy

Aviva also offer named no driver no claims bonus allowing them to get up to 40% discount if they choose to insure their own car. Spouses or partners of policyholders can also get up to 60% off of their own insurance if they take out a policy with Aviva.

Aviva are also now offering multi car insurance policies which they claim can save you up to a 1/3 off of your insurance premium. You can choose different levels of cover and excesses for each individual vehicle to help save even more money. Each vehicle also builds up its own no claims bonus meaning other cars or vans wil not be affected if another is in an accident. Aviva also offer an ‘uninsured driver promise’ meaning if you are hit by another driver who has no insurance, you will not lose your own no claims bonus.

  • You can choose different levels of cover and excess, for each vehicle
  • You can cover cars and vans on the same policy
  • Each vehicle’s no claim discount is kept separately
  • Uninsured driver promise

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