Swiftcover was formed in 2005 by a group of former Churchill Insurance executives and is an internet only based insurance company. In 2007 Swiftcover was acquired by AXA and is now still a wholly owned subsidiary of AXA UK. Swiftcover offer customers the ability manage their policy (including changes to policies) online and any contact can be done via email. This also means you can print off your own insurance certificates when and if you need them. From 2009 through to 2011, Swiftcover used Iggy Pop to front their TV Adverts with the tagline “Get a Life!” which resulted in a ASA investigation due to Swiftcover not actually offering insurance to people in the entertainment industry. From 2011 they have moved their advertising in a new direction featuring a family of animated characters voiced by celebrities including Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton, Chris Evans and Noddy Holder.

Swiftcover concentrate on just comprehensive and third party fire and theft car insurance and do not offer the lowest level of third party insurance. They even reveal that 98.5% of new customers purchase comprehensive insurance showing what excellent value they believe their insurance prices to be.

As Swiftcover are primarily an internet based car insurance provider, claims can be reported 24/7 via their Swift Space Customer Area. However, if you still prefer to speak to an actual person they do run UK based call centres to handle all enquiries, the numbers for which can be found below.

Should you be involved in an accident and your vehicle requires repairing, Swiftcover offer free collection and delivery in the event of a claim, and clean your car inside and out after it’s repaired. Theres also a five year guarantee for all repairs carried out at one of their approved repair centres.

As expected, Swiftcover also offer a number of optional extras with their policies. Legal cover up to £100,000 is available in case you are in an accident that is not your fault but still incure costs due to being hit by an uninsured driver. Medical costs can also be recovered as well as compensation in the event that you are injured and unable to work.

Swiftcover allow you to protect your no claims bonus if you have accumulated four years or more and this allows you to make either one claim in a year or two claims in three years and your no claims bonus will be affected. This only costs a minimal amount and is always worth considering with whichever insurance provider you choose.

Swiftcover offer a courtesy car in the event that your car is off the road following an accident and this can be used for either 14 or 21 days continuously up to a maximum of 28 days in total if you need to make more than one claim in a year. You will also receive a courtesy car on a third party fire and theft policy if your car is stolen. Swiftcover also offer some other great extras including breakdown cover, wrong fuel cover up to £250 and lost keys cover up to £300. In the event that your cars locks need replacing, Swiftcover will pay up to £1500 to help cover the costs.

Swiftcover also run a scheme called Dashcam which offers a 10% discount to drivers willing to have a camera installed in their car which records your driving and helps provide useful evidence in the event of a claim against another driver. These cameras provide valuable evidence of what happened in a car accident, helping to settle claims more quickly and reduce fraud. This can help you keep your no claims bonus in circumstances that you may otherwise have been penalised for.



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